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The Grand Pier Book

The Grand Pier, A 21st Century Icon


The Grand Pier pictorial book charts the progress of the re-build, from the devastating fire of July 2008 to the opening day in October 2010.

The full-colour, 92 page book has an introduction by the Grand Pier owner Kerry Michael and it is dedicated to his mother, Mrs Nitsa Michael.

The book, which is titled ‘The Grand Pier – A 21st Century Icon’ contains some fascinating facts about the pier and the logistics the team faced, building such a large structure, a quarter of a mile out to sea.

Kerry Michael said: “We had regular photographs taken during the re-build of the Grand Pier as I wanted a documentary record of the re-building.

“When I looked though all the photographs after the opening day, I realised what a fantastic reminder they were of some of the high and low points we went through. I decided they told a fascinating story and were too important to be filed away on a computer disc somewhere, so the idea of the book was born”.